It is our desire to be a support to parents and guardians as they teach their families God’s truth. We believe that the whole Bible works together to tell a single story: God’s plan to redeem His people through His Son, Jesus Christ. We use the Gospel Project which shows participants of all ages how God’s plan of redemption unfolds throughout Scripture and still today, compelling them to join the mission of God.

Age Groups

Nursery – Birth to age 2

With songs and guided conversation, babies and toddlers learn that God loves them and that God sent Jesus to be our rescuer.

Preschool – 3s and 4s

With activities, songs, and Bible lessons, preschoolers learn in an age-appropriate manner God’s love for them and His plan to redeem His people.

Elementary – Pre-K to Grade 5

Begin their Sunday church experience with their parents/guardians in the worship service, being dismissed part way through to their own age groups.  It is here they participate in songs of scripture, Bible sessions, activities and games to learn about God’s great big story. 


All age groups have take-home materials to encourage family activities and connecting God’s truth to hearts at home.


Each teacher and staff member have successfully passed a national background check and completed training.