our mission

MISSION (Why We Exist)

We exist to magnify God's glory by sharing the gospel, making disciples, and serving as ambassadors for Jesus.

Gospel -- Disciple -- Ambassador

VISION (What We Do)

We magnify God's glory by gathering for worship and multiplying Grow & Go Groups (G2 Groups) engaged in God's mission throughout our communities.


The DNA of our simple ministry structure is the call to share the gospel, to make disciples, and to serve as ambassadors in four ways.

Celebration: Our Weekend Services

1. Gospel: The full church gathers each week to declare the gospel by preaching Scripture, singing and speaking Christ-exalting praise, and taking communion as the body of Christ in remembrance of Christ. It is our public affirmation and declaration of the gospel.

2. Disciple: This is our broad discipleship strategy. We are fed through preaching and participate through corporate worship practices. The celebration gathering is vitally important but not sufficient alone for healthy discipleship.

3. Ambassador: With our focus on declaring the gospel, our services are evangelistic. We intend for them to engage our hearts and minds with the gospel.

Community: Our Grow n' Go Groups

1. Gospel: The church meets in Grow n' Go Groups (G2) throughout the week to encourage and exhort each other in the gospel. G2 Groups build gospel "fluency" in the lives of our congregation, helping them to speak the gospel to themselves, to each other, and to the world around them.

2. Disciple: G2 Groups serve as our primary, life-on-life discipleship strategy. Within our G2 Groups we expect friendships and mentorships to form. We empower leaders to serve and to equip apprentice leaders who will multiply G2 Groups. 

3. Ambassador: Every G2 Group has a mission field and plans together to determine how to reach out to that field. 

Call: Our Families, Jobs, and Service in the Church

1. Gospel: The church scatters to carry out the unique work God has called each of us to do in service to him in our families, our church, and our jobs. We do this work as service to the Lord; as worship of Christ.

2. Disciple: We recognize that true discipleship does not take place entirely within the programs of a church, but is an individual and family calling and responsibility. Therefore, we engage in individual and family spiritual disciplines, understanding our need to stay connected to Christ and lead our families to Christ. We also discern and use the spiritual gifts we have received for service to the church.

3. Ambassador: When we scatter we carry with us the gospel and we embrace our call as missionaries to our world. We do our work with excellence as worship and we look for opportunities to speak the gospel as salt and light into the lives of the people around us.

Collaboration: Our Local and Non-local Partnerships

1. Gospel: Our church collaborates with gospel-centered churches, organizations, and individuals to plant new churches and send missionaries throughout the world.

2. Disciple: We believe our church grows stronger in Christ as we work alongside other people who love Jesus, even if they're not part of our church. We embrace the opportunity to grow as disciples of Christ through collaboration with others.

3. Ambassador: Our goal is to multiply disciples and churches, both in our region and around the world. We dedicate financial, material, and human resources for this purpose.